Hotondo Homes

Improving UX to increase the efficiency of an internal tool.




UX research, UX design




During my time at Wave Digital, we were approached by Hotondo Homes to improve their internal tool Hotondo360. H360 is a platform that empowers Hotondo franchise owners to run their business by allowing them to manage sales, order marketing materials and create promotional events. This case study is a snapshot of just the marketing materials side of the platform. Essentially, franchisees log requests in the system for materials to be designed (i.e a poster for a display home). The requests are then executed by head office in Moorabbin.

UX Research

Franchisees, being a core user group, are spread out all over the country. I interviewed them about their experience with the current platform and put together a persona. With their assistance we also mapped out the current experience.

1 or 4 user types that use the marketing feature on H360.

The existing experience mapped out

Discovery - Understanding the problem

After interviewing various core users, together with the stakeholders we defined the problem and ideated on possible solutions. Main themes included: elimination of repetitive manual tasks and better tracking of marketing activity.


Ideation workshop

I facilitated an online ideation workshop with key stakeholders via Miro and Zoom to further flesh out the previous ideas we had noted on post-its.

Stakeholder sketch of a marketing materials order.

Wireframing and prototyping

With a bunch of stakeholder certified sketches in hand, I was then able to take the teams ideas and prototype them using Protopie into a low fidelity mock for further review and user testing.

A clickable prototype of the entire marketing materials order/review flow.

A loose high fidelity concept of the H360 home dashboard.